Medicni perspektivi. 2023. Vol. 28, N 4

 Title of the issue

2023 Vol. XXVIII N 4




Chernyaeva A.O., Mykytyuk M.R., Karachentsev Yu.I. Analysis of parameters of purine metabolism in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2


Melnychuk I.O., Lyzogub V.H. Plasma amino acids spectrum as an important part of metabolomic pattern in patients with coronary artery disease and atrial fibrillation


Krasnoselskyi M.V., Kyrylova O.O., Dubenko O.Ye., Rublova T.V., Pavlichenko Yu.V. Risks of psychological traumatization and stress adaption of medical staff working under war conditions (analytical literature review)




Stupnytskyi M.A., Syroyid M.V., Dumchenko O.I., Denysenko N.V., Fedevych Yu.M. Methabolic reaction on the cerebral ischemia during carotid artery surgery


Bielinskyi M.V., Seredyuk N.M., Vytryhovskiy A.I., Koroliuk V.D. Impact of type 2 diabetes mellitus on low-grade inflammation in patients with ST-elevated myocardial infarction


Miakinkova L.O., Yarmola T.I., Pustovoit G.L., Kostrikova Iu.A., Pysana B.O., Talash V.V. Рrevention of contrast-induced nephropathy during interventional treatment of acute coronary syndrome


Shuprovych A.A., Zinych O.V., Kushnareva N.M., Trofymenko O.M., Komisarenko K.P. Study of the association of polymorphisms of the folate cycle enzyme gene with the degree of cognitive and affective disorders in patients in the post-covid period


Kuryata O.V., Frolova Ye.O., Stadnyk O.I., Semenov V.V. COVID-19 and arterial hypertension: whether normal blood pressure is a sign of a benign course of COVID-19


Zbitnieva V.O., Voloshyna O.B., Balashova I.V., Zubok E.A., Dukova O.R., Kovalchuk L.I. Peculiarities of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in patients who have suffered from COVID-19


Molchanov R.M., Honcharuk O.O., Khareba G.G., Blyuss O.B., Duka R.V. Segmental ischemia and indocyanine green navigation: impact on perioperative parameters in laparoscopic vs. open partial nephrectomy


Averin D.I., Zavizion V.F. Metformin as an adjuvant option for systemic treatment of breast cancer


Marshtupa V.V., Nasonova T.I. Clinical, neurological, laboratory and neuropsychological features of the course of cerebrovascular diseases in patients infected with SARS-CoV-2


Shevchenko O.A., Sheviakov O.V., Kornienko V.V., Burlakova I.A., Slavska Y.A., Zhyhaylo N.I., Vakulik V.V., Ostapenko I.S., Gerasimchuk O.A., Doroshenko E.Y., Prykhodko V.V., Chernihivska S.A., Ivchenko O.M., Tychonovych V.M., Dorogan S.B. Psychophysiological components of the activities of operators of nuclear power plants as a factor of accidents in the conditions of the threat of social catastrophe


Maruta N.O., Fedchenko V.Y., Yavdak I.O., Panko T.V. The impact of biological and psychosocial factors on the formation of mental disorders in patients who have experienced COVID-19 and exposed to the stressors of the SARS-COV-2 pandemic


Merhavy Z.I., Varkey T.C., Kotyk T., Zeitler C. Sexual health preparedness among medical students 


Biliakov A.M., Erhard N.M. Peculiarities of identification of persons who died during martial law (literature review)


Kushta A.O., Shuvalov S.M. Long-term postoperative regional analgesia of the lower third of the face in patients with tumors of the oral cavity


Lemko O.I., Vantiukh N.V., Reshetar D.V., Lukashchuk S.V. Correction of insulin resistance in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease under the influence of recovery treatment


Grygus I.M., Nogas A.O., Zdanyuk V.V. Dynamics of movement amplitude indicators in joints of patients with rheumatoid arthritis


Faltová B., Mojžíšová A. The use of art therapy interventions in schools to support schoolchildren in their health and well-being




Zorina O.V., Surmasheva O.V., Polka O.O., Mavrykin Yе.О. Risk assessment when consuming drinking water treated with chlorine dioxide and risk management in EU countries and Ukraine to protect public health 


Lototska-Dudyk U.B., Kuzminov B.P., Chemodurova N.Ye., Turkina V.A. HET-CAM test in evaluation of irritating action of adhesives used in shoe making industry 


Ignatov I. Review of different types of mountain springs and mineral waters from Bulgaria based on their natural origin and health benefits 




Geanta M., Cucos B., Boata A., Nuta A.C., Nuta F.M., Semenov V.V. The Ukrainian war and the pandemic: the impact on public health and the need for new health digital tools and the next level of intelligence 




Zhukovskiy V.S., Prokopiv O.V., Trutyak I.R., Pankiv M.V. Lymphoadenopathies caused by Bartonella henselae 


Pokhylko V.I., Cherniavska Y.I., Fishchuk L.Y., Rossokha Z.I., Ievseienkova O.G., Dubitska O.M., Popova O.F., Fastovets M.М., Kaliuzhka O.О., Gorovenko N.G. Leiden mutation (rs6025) in a severe COVID-19 pneumonia patient with Down syndrome: a clinical case