Vitaly Mamchur

MD, Professor of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology department
of Dnipro state medical university.
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In 1973 he graduated from the medical faculty of  Dnepropetrovsk Medical Institute. Work experience of V. Mamchur began in 1970 as a laboratory assistant, since 1973 - Assistant Professor of Pharmacology department.

In 1979  V. Mamchur successfully defended his PhD thesis "On the relative reactivity of the cerebral cortex and spinal cord centers in terms of anesthesia" and in 1989 his doctoral thesis "Neuropharmacologic analysis of mechanisms of general anesthesia and experimental study to improve its efficiency."

V. Mamchur is the author of neurotransmitter theory of general anesthesia (narcosis, neuroleptic analgesia, neuroleptic anesthesia) and regional anesthesia (epidural, spinal). It were the data obtained in experiments on laboratory animals, their generalization and conclusions that created opportunities for experimental and theoretical grounding of medicamentous optimization of preoperative, operative and postoperative pain relief and patient’s state in the practice of anesthesiology.

Since 1990 till 2016 V. Mamchur – Head of the Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology. Since the 90s of the last century scientific interests of Professor V. Mamchur are related to pharmacology of nonopioid analgesics, NSAIDs and neurometabolic cerebroprotectors. The department headed by Professor V. Mamchur still adheres to scientific direction – pharmacology of anesthesia (from local anesthetics, means of operative analgesia to nonpioid analgesics) and neurometabolic cerebroprotectors when their therapeutic properties and adverse reactions are studied under experimental equivalents - pain of various origins, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, depression, neurotic and psychotic disorders, neuropsyhopathies caused by systemic pathology (hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes) and organic one (hypoxia, cerebral ischemia, intoxication of the heart muscle, of the liver); participates in the development and preclinical study of new, primarily domestic drugs. Professor V. Mamchur, lectures and research workers of the department work hard in the field of developing new therapeutic agents and pharmacological study of generic medicines of Ukrainian manufacturers. In recent years 15 patents of Ukraine and 2 patents of the Russian Federation on new drugs (Indotryl, Tioaspekard, Karbatryl, Kardiotryl, Tramaveryn, Boryzol) have been obtained, in collaboration with research and industrial divisions of chemical and pharmaceutical companies of Ukraine, pharmacological activity of about 70 drugs (Kodefemol, Vitagren, Neuromidin, Neurokson, Noofen, Entrop, Bromantan, L-lysine aescinat, Suzakryn, Sedafit, Holelesan et al.) has been investigated.

V. Mamchur has published more than 560 articles and abstracts of scientific papers, 12 monographs, 3 textbooks, 56 scientific study guides, 28 scientific-methodological and academic works, 9 newsletters, 30 inventor’s certificates and patents, 3 guidelines on clinical trials of therapeutic agents of the State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, National Formulary of Drugs of Ukraine. Under his supervision 4 MD theses and 21 PhD theses on medical and pharmaceutical sciences have been defended. Today V. Mamchur is the scientific supervisor of 3 MD 4 PhD dissertations.

Since 2005 V. Mamchur has been holding the position of Vice-Rector for scientific and clinical work of the Academy. Professor V. Mamchur coordinates scientific and clinical activities of the Academy, which is implemented in the following areas: implementation of the budget-funded, initiative and self-financing research; redaction of monographs, guidelines, newsletters, atlases, textbooks, manuals, etc; implementation of MD, PhD and master's theses; creation and legal protection of inventions; students scientific activities; participation in scientific congresses, symposia, conferences, seminars, etc.

V. Mamchur – Member of the Presidium of SEC of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Association of pharmacologists of Ukraine, Task Group "Pharmacology", associate editor of 5 scientific journals, member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the SAC of Ukraine, Academician of Academy of Sciences of higher school of Ukraine.